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Writing the News Release: Inverted Pyramid

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

The Inverted Pyramid Drives News Release Structure

By Tiffany Engleman

There is a framework used when writing news releases that can aid a public relation’s professional in the creation of a successful news release. This framework is known in the public relation’s field as the inverted pyramid. The inverted pyramid illustrates just exactly what editors and/or reporters are looking for when reading a news release. 1. Interesting information should be presented within the first three-four lines of a news release. Otherwise, an editor or reporter may not use the news release. 2. The main details of the story should appear at the beginning of the news release. Editors tend to cut stories from the bottom. With

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this idea in mind, potentially most of the original information might be removed from the news release. If the important details of the story appear in the beginning of the news release, there is a greater chance of the major points remaining intact after it has undergone editing. 3. Readers do not always read the entire story. The majority of the time, readers focus on the headlines or the first few lines of a story. It is important to include the significant information as close to the beginning of the news release as possible to enhance the likeliness for exposure of the message. The inverted pyramid is a critical component in the

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construction of a news release. By utilizing these techniques, a public relations professional can create successful news stories and gain the most exposure possible for their clients. Works Cited: Wilcox, Dennis L., Cameron, Glen T., Reber, Bryan H., & Shin, Jae-Hwa. (2011). Think Public Relations. Boston, Massachusetts: Pearson Education.

Writing: Spell your way to success

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Mispellings in WritingSorry all you texters, Writing Counts!

Business and communication professionals could learn a thing or two from the Typo Eradication Advancement League. We need to communicate in writing effectively — and without error — to keep our customers and readers happy.

Spelling vigilantes, Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, make up TEAL. And they roam from misspelling to misspelling around the country on their personal crusade. They find misspellings on door signs, advertisements, menus and anywhere else they come in contact with the written word. Benjamin, a religion major, even spotted a mistake in a Biblical passage.

The two use a sharpie and white out to correct errors in writing of all kinds — mostly those highly visible public signs. You may even have seen their story on television.

Watch the ABC News Video.

Business and communication professionals have more advanced tools like spell check. But we mangle words anyway because spell check application will not catch everything. And so we usually get caught when we misspell a word. There are plenty of people who think of themselves as spelling eradicators who love to point out mistakes in our work.

And let’s face it, grammatical errors and misspellings in our writing make us look sloppy and incompetent.

They detract from our Brand.

They cheapen our product.

Our service appears less professional.

Instead of always clinging exclusively to your computer’s spell check function, you should learn to spell a few often-misspelled words on your own, too. This will ensure that you’re a more competent speller — not just your computer.

Here’s a list of hard words to spell that you may use in promotion or advertising copy.

  • Acceptable
  • Consensus
  • Immediately
  • Indispensable
  • Judgment
  • Believe
  • Grateful
  • Special
  • Success
  • To / too / two
  • Tomorrow
  • Their / they’re / there

And, yes…there will be a spelling test…

from your clients and customers!

By Stacey McArthur,