Mobile Apps Integration with Online Games

Mobile Apps: potential applications of mobile integration with online games

mobile appsFor many of us, our smartphones are becoming so integrated into our daily lives that we would be lost without them. Since the rise of PC gaming, gamers may have previously found it hard to get away from their keyboards.

However, with mobile apps, they will be better connected to not only to what’s going on in the game when they are away from their computers, but there will be an opportunity for businesses to advertise directly to them while they are still “in their element.”

One way that businesses will be able to advertise through mobile apps is by partnering up with companies to allow products gamers buy in real life to be translated to some form of benefit in the game itself.

For example, Blizzard Entertainment ran a promotion that if you bought a Mountain Dew soda and entered the code printed on the product online, you would get a free in-game pet for the game World of Warcraft.

If more online games utilized mobile apps for their game, a user could simply browse through the app for their game of choice anytime for products they could buy to get something beneficial in the game. This would serve as a great promotion for the companies participating because it provides the gamers with a real incentive to purchase products they may not otherwise.

Another way that gaming companies can utilize marketing to gamers is through a mobile app for integrating social networking, similar to what Blizzard Entertainment has already done with, although they do not yet have a mobile app. essentially connects players of Blizzard’s various games together

through advertisements while the user is chatting with their friends. The app could also include using GPS to track the person’s location and pop up ads for products or services near their geographic location.

The possibilities are truly endless for integrating mobile apps in with online games. The main benefit, as mentioned earlier, seems to be that if an in-game incentive is provided, the users may go out and purchase products they may not have otherwise opening the doors for companies to gain new customers.

By Rachael Webb

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