Delegation: Get more time!

Effective delegation allows you to get more time to get more done.

delegationTime is at a premium for everyone today. How many times have you wished for just one more hour in the day, or an extra day every week?  Let’s face it, 24 hours is just not enough time to get it all done. And with businesses today pressed to do more with less, employees are stretched to the maximum.

But delegation can be your ticket to getting more time to get more done. For example, you may have four meetings scheduled in one day, but you still have to meet the deadline for completing the conference marketing plan. If this is enough to make your heart start racing and your head swimming – STOP!

That’s right. With all that you have to do and in such little time, stop – but just long enough to ask yourself if you really have to be at the meetings? Can one of your staff members attend one or two of the meetings and brief you afterward? Or, can a coworker attend on your behalf and brief you afterward?

It is true that 80 percent of success is just showing up (thanks, Woody Allen). But you have to balance that against another adage: pick your battles. The same is true in prioritizing your work.

What You Can Do: Pick those tasks that absolutely must have your attention and delegate the rest. Effective delegation means you have to put your focus where it should truly be, where your priorities lie and your bosses priorities lie. Properly executed, this is a practice that can give you more time to get more done – and all from the same 24 hours.

By Stephanie McFarland, APR, and Robert Dittmer, APR,

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