Mr. Weiner, sir – what were you thinking?

Mark WeinerMr. Weiner, sir – what were you thinking? 

First rule of positive PR – do positive, uplifting, morally defensible deeds. Oh boy.  Sorry Mr. W. — missed on all three. So once again, what you say and what you did took diverse routes. And you’re taken by surprise?  So you lie and keep lying.  Huh?

Mr. Weiner now says he’s sorry and takes full responsibility to everyone he’s harmed. Mr. Weiner says he’s sorry for lying to the media.  How about cheating on your new wife?  Yes, you did cheat.  Ask Jimmy Carter.

And then there’s the bastion of liberal media-speak, Rachel Maddow, who recently said about the Weiner scandal,  “I know that ‘It’s OK if you’re a Republican’ is actually what the rule is, that’s actually how things operate in the Beltway. But for the sake of national shame, at least try to fake it.”

Come on, Rachel. It’s not an “R” or “D” thing. It’s indefensible. It’s shameful. He deserves no support.

So, what’s the communication lesson here?  If you take on the role and responsibility of being an elected leader, or any kind of “leader,” keep the role of “serving” the motivation and mission.  Serving yourself as Mr. Weiner did – and so many others of our elected, so-called leaders have done, communicates who you REALLY are. Get it?

Good. We all get it.  No lie.

Neil Kuvin,

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