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Fundraising: Six crucial qualities to look for in a development officer

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Fundraising tipsBefore you quiz your candidate about the tax code related to charitable deductions
or the definition of “moves management,” you may wish to ask about the basic skill
set that all successful development officers possess.

1. Personality that generates enthusiasm and optimism.

Great development officers are enthusiastic, happy people. They should not be an emotional drain on others, but leave those with whom they interact with a feeling of possibility and optimism. They actually believe that people will give them money to help fulfill their mission.

2. Highest ethical standards.

Day after day a development officer invites investors to “trust them.” They are in the unique position of being a conduit between investor and mission and thus they are to be about engendering trust in others. (more…)

Graphic Design: Offending Your Client vs. Gaining Trust

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

graphic designAs a graphic designer, I find (many times) clients have specific thoughts about their visuals and what they see the project looking like. This can be both a good thing and also create awkward situations.

The client that has ‘no idea’ what they want or where they want to go can turn into a frustrating client, but the client that knows EXACTLY what they want can be equally challenging. This type of client can become so close to their vision of a project, that they fail to see the larger picture or open up to an alternative interpretation

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– resulting in missing their target audience or promoting themselves in a less-than-professional manner. (more…)

Working Efficiently with Your Graphic Designer & Copy

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

The graphic designer and copywriter or client often work closely to develop the final marketing product, and following several guidelines can help get your project out the door both quickly and effectively – without anyone going (too) crazy or any dreaded errors in the last minute rush.

If possible, copy should always be 90% approved BEFORE it gets sent to the designer. Have your client get all feedback from their staff before the designer becomes involved. Most don’t understand the often tedious work involved in laying out text, kerning headlines/subheads/captions, wrapping text around images within a designed marketing piece. (more…)


Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Successful Social Media Campaign

  1. Research is a crucial step in any social media campaign. Studying the demographics
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    and psychographics of the target audiences affects the method of reaching them. The platform used to carry a social media campaign must be analyzed and studied. For instance, YouTube is often better for video messages as opposed to Twitter which serves well when it comes to events and promotion. Having enough knowledge about specific platforms is vital as it is important for a social media marketer to learn about their used platforms inside out. (more…)